An Artist's Odyssey

Most art bios start with how the artist practiced art from the time they were young.This one can't boast of that. My art enthusiasm was squashed at a young age. Second grade we had an assignment we were to do all on our own. I seemed to be the only one that followed that rule. I worked hard on it. I knew it wasn't very good but I was proud I did it on my own. Imagine my consternation when I saw what my classmates brought with them. It was good stuff but obviously not done by the children. I prayed the good Sister would not call on me but all my finger crossing was in vain. She stood behind us one at a time and asked the class to raise their hand if they liked the project. Mine was met with gales of laughter and derision. No amount of chastising them would ease the humiliation I felt. From then on I would rather suffer a failing grade than to be subjected to that again.

Roll forward 17 years. I was married and beginning a career as a firefighter. All was looking great until July5, 1973. While fighting a fire at a transient hotel I was struck by a high voltage power line while trying to make a rescue. It was life- altering, to say the least. It was a near death experience but it also affected me neurologically. There were the burns, the nerve damage, the PTSD that was to follow but there was something else. I now had a renewed interest in art and the ability to execute it. Still, I had much to overcome and hadn't the time to pursue it. It wasn't until years later when those injuries caught up with me was I able to pursue it. I studied,videos, books, courses and so many hours of practice and continue to this day and beyond. Art has become a sort of meditation which helps with the pain and PTDS symptoms. It is truly a blessing and it allows me to create beautiful works. It is a passion and obsession which I gladly share. I hope you enjoy what I create and hope you will feel comfortable contacting me. I will value your impressions your friendship.