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In today's art world there is a theme constantly being touted. Oil is better than acrylic. What that is based upon is simply a prejudice and old information from when Acrylic artist paint was first developed. Yes, there were problems but many years have passed and manufacturers have perfected acrylics. Olis have more pigment load. Seriously? Manufacturers have the same pigments and amounts in their acrylic paints and many times they have more. Why wouldn't they? Many manufacturers also make quality artist grade oil paints and it wouldn't make a whole lot of sense to skimp on ingredients, now would it? Acrylic paint colors look gaudy. Acrylic uses the same pigments that are used in oil paints so what this is based upon is a mystery to me. I myself don't use pure color all the time. I use their complimentary colors to gray the colors slightly and depending upon the genre I am painting I may just use pure vibrant color. Oils will outlast acrylics. Actually, they will probably far outlast oil paint. Acrylic paint is polymer based vs, oils which are organic in nature. Many of the artworks from the 1800's are in bad shape. In order to preserve them, an entire industry of conservators has sprung up. Because of the way acrylics dry and the how large molecules interlock, acrylics form a stronger paint film. Acrylics also remain flexible whereas oils do not. Ever notice all the crazing that is seen in older oil paints? That is why. Another reason I have chosen Acrylics is the issue of toxicity. Oils require the use of solvents which many artists find themselves sensitive to. For myself, I get nasty headaches and depending on the solvent used can experience rashes. There are now water miscible oils on the market which I have yet to use but they seem more friendly for those of us that are sensitive. Acrylics dry too fast. Well, that is their charm. I don't have to wait days or weeks for a layer to dry so that my creativity doesn't have to be drained away by having 2,3, or 4 paintings working at the same time. In fact, there are times when it is necessary for me to break out the blow dryer because I paint so quickly  I can focus on the work at hand. But you can't blend them like oils. You aren't supposed to. You blend them like Acrylics. It is a matter of learning techniques. 

Sadly I have lost sales because of this misinformation. Oh, they loved the painting. Then would say, "You use oils right? I say no, it is acrylics, and they back off. People always assume my works are oils. No, they can't tell the difference. Acrylics are so versatile I can make it look like almost anything from a watercolor to a pastel to a heavy impasto oil painting.

I have to admit that quite a few Acrylic painters have some misinformation themselves about the nature of acrylics. They believe it is a water media. Not exactly. It is polymer based with a touch of water. Yes, you can thin them with some water but never with more than 30%. Best practice is to use a medium. The following video explains it better. I hope this will help clear things up for you. Don't be afraid of Acrylics, just buy the art because you love it. You won't be disappointed.